We are a ministry that helps Christians develop a BIBLICAL perspective on all of life. ​​We call that, “learning to love God with all your MIND​” (Mark 12:30)


Dr. Darrell Furgason Summit Ministries Canada

1-2 Hour seminar: Ideal for a church youth group, Christian school class, pastors meeting, university student group,

1 Day seminar (3-5 hours): Ideal for “Pro D” development for Christian school teachers, youth workers, ministry leaders.

10 Session seminar: Seminar participants meet 1 evening per week, for 10 weeks. All  6 major worldviews shaping the world are analyzed and critiqued in 10 areas (Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Law, Politics, Economics and History),

1 Week course: (University accredited). This comprehensive course is 36 hours of worldview comparison and analysis. It is loaded with apologetics instruction, critical thinking techniques, and lots of class discussion about current issues affecting our culture and society today. (University credit is available through Liberty University, VA.)


Some topics include:

1) How ideas (true & false) shape cultures and nationsIdeas have consequences. Truth sets people free, while false ideas can only produce bondage and enslavement. The diverse cultures and nations of the world reveal the worldviews that have produced and shaped them. This workshop examines the role and impact that both Biblical and non-Biblical ideas have on cultural development. Christians must learn to shape cultural development, not just follow it.2) Identifying and combating false philosophiesThere are many philosophies competing in today’s world for the attention of our youth. Christian teachers must be equipped to identify some of the major paradigms and beliefs shaping the Western mind, and learn to counter them with Biblical thinking.3) “OH Canada”: Some contemporary IssuesAs Christians, we must learn to identify and address the issues affecting the direction of Canada and the West today. This workshop seeks to equip teachers with the analytical and philosophical tools needed to address some of the main issues (Political, Social, Ethical, Economic…) shaping Canadian society today.


Comments from past seminar participants
  • ​”An excellent seminar – an urgent message for all Christian people”​
  • ​​”I was very thankful to be here – trust I can digest the excellent material and effectively use it”
  • “The seminar was fantastic! The material and message is a must for all! Dr Furgason’s knowledge is thorough and his presentation very dynamic. I came away feeling desperate to tell everyone and anyone about what he was saying about worldview”. ​
  • “It was jam packed with info – could have gone on and on”.